Vamprissamber (vamprissamber) wrote,

Only Truth

I'm ready to give my all, my undying love. I want to stand by my man, my match. The one whom I see myself reflecting in his soul, through a glimpse of his eyes. Fulfilled dreams, I will support him. Tiring nights, long days... miles apart. Trials and tribulations have led me here, lessons aquired for this moment in time. The possibilities of the future. Something real. No torment, only truth.

This missing link, an empty space behind his eyes. Something that's been missing for years. That something you can't quite put your finger on...

The secret resides within me. I want to unlock the passion deep within his heart. Faith restored and never capable of disenchantment.

Coinciding imperfections render two meandering souls into the union to be unbroken.

An untapped muse, immeasurable force to be reckoned with. Come with me.
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