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Trying to make my way home...

I'm selling baby gear and formula to raise the money to make my way back home. If you know anyone who might be interested, please let me know! It's going to a very good cause, I'm just about getting desperate.

I'm selling Similac Alimentum Advance 18 cans for $300 and I will pay for shipping. It's retailed for $450 for that many cans.
I also have a bassinet, an excersaucer, a diaper genie, a papoose, a newborn/infant car seat, a boppy, a 4 in one bathtub, a bottle warmer and various toys. All top of the line stuff. If you know me, then you know how perfect I keep everything and most of this stuff is gently used and in its original box. I'm a weirdo like that. Of course my home is smoke and pet free, so this stuff is pretty much new.

Let me know if anyone is interested, it would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Just trying to raise money to get me and my son back to Texas safely. Thanks!
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