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So whats the next step when you know you are sitting on three artists, who NEED to be signed? I am going to continue to do what I can, but it seems like it is not happening fast enough. I have so much to do, that I WANT to do, but I am only one person. Thing is, I know so many musicians who all have something so great to offer. These three that I speak of need to be signed now. I wish I could get my hands on some extra cash to get these guys really going. I have thought about putting together my own label, but no cash flow wouldn't get these guys very far at all. They are ready for professional, reputable record labels. One of these guys home recordings sounds like he spent time in a good studio. Blows me away. Viral music marketing has only gotten me so far and still I have some distance to go. I really need to get on the ball with this to make sure these guys are heard, it is a must! It's a little hard when these guys reside in Texas and I am in Colorado too, I would like to be able to do promo photography for them and build them all personal websites to further the marketing. It sure would help a hell of a lot more. MySpace accounts get the music out there, but it only can go so far. One of the bands I speak of has a website, so that is good. Just need more time to promote it! So that is what I have been surrounding myself with lately, these musicians and their music, flyers, shows, promotion all around. So much I still want to do...I will pull it off somehow.
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Dont fret girl, you know your good at it and you know you like it, now just find a way to capitalize on it.
Dont worry will always think about you when it comes time to push a new song.
I think I know who this is, just not positive.
Maybe you werent signed in...


December 14 2005, 03:03:01 UTC 12 years ago

You'll figure something're a smart girl, and you've proven to be quite savvy in terms of music and promotion.
Curious as to who this is...
haha you go to muh school
I'm 27 and I graduated college in 2000. You must have me confused with someone else...
haha you went to muh school
you need to start to get them into fanzines....
underground and upscale ones if possible.
especially on the net. bio packages are great too. tell them to send some homemade vids out to local tv underground stations...(remember anarchy tv?)
try these....flyers and such help, but fanzines do alot more than most think;)
Thanks for the advice! One of them is a producer for a local TV show ;) One Nation Underground, not sure if you have heard of it. I have been looking into fanzines, wouldnt mind getting a review from The Adversary some time though ;)
send me a link to thier website sweetie...
you'll know ill help ya;)