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If I could build the perfect man for me...

He would love me for who I am and wouldn't want to change a thing about me. He would love my crazy hair and my piercings and love to bite at my lip in between sweet kisses. My perfect man would love to spend time with me and when he was away would call me just to hear my voice. He would beg to just kiss my hand then grab my hand and give the most gentle kiss not caring who was there and who saw. He would tell me the most beautiful things and tell me how good I make him feel and that he loves just being in my presence. His deep, soulful eyes would leave me in a trance that I would not want to pull myself out of. Hours could have been spent just holding each other without a care in the world. His strong arms would shelter me from the world and would make me feel the safest I have ever felt. The same safety that I felt with him behind the wheel that pulled me out of an 8 year phobia.

The reassurance of his words telling me that our future would be filled with love and that I am the first love he has ever truly felt and he had never met anyone worth not cheating on until he found me. Every time we would lock ourselves in our own world, the passion that would arise would keep us both trembling from excitement and the most pure form of lovemaking. He would sit before me on the floor, face to face and hold both of my hands to tell me something. He would never just walk away without a word or a question unanswered. He would tell me time and time again how he would like to whisk me away and marry me right there on the spot.

He would call me his precious angel and be taken aback constantly telling me how he never thought he would fall for someone like me. Taking me and turning me toward the natural light and telling me how much he loves my beautiful eyes, he's never seen anything like them. Telling me that he cannot get enough of my kisses and that my body is amazing and actually screaming aloud "yes!" when I tell him I have given myself only to him, and that I belong to him forever. A man that has the same appreciation for music as I have. He would love the best of both worlds and love going to metal shows with me at the same time going to a rodeo or going to an old dusty bar for a dance. He would let me teach him how to two step. He would teach me many things and keep my interest always with his high intellect and vast knowledge of history.

This man would be able to take the worst day of my life, the day most important to me and turn it around and make it the best leaving me with the most pure of smiles. He would be honest with me at all costs and know that I would never dream of judging him. He would know that he would be first man that I was 100% completely honest with for the first time in my life, never holding anything back. He would be there for me by my side while I was doubled over in pain from losing his child that was created out of our love. My man would spend all morning racing around to get things done so that he could spend the entire day with me and my son. Playing with my son and not being afraid to be goofy and playful.

He would love taking Jager shots with me and always go get me another cold beer without me even having to ask. He would share a Jolly Rancher sucker with me while we threw beers back all night. Even play some pool with me now that I am growing as a player. He would also give me the most beautiful looks across the poker table when I would like to watch him play. This man would also love to get down and dirty for the naughty man that he is. While showing his respectful, gentlemen side to the world, he would put all inhibitions aside when he made love to me. He would let me hurt him in the nicest way possible liking it as rough and crazy as I do. I would leave my man in bliss while he was even begging for more. He would always come back for more.

I could make him feel better on his sickest days risking the fact that I would catch his illness as well. He would leave with a smile. When the two of us would be in a room together the rest of the world would go away. Every small little touch or lost moment captured couldn't come close to what we could ever imagine our wildest dreams would reveal. When post-coital he would rest upon me, forehead to forehead and we would speak of dreams and how we longed to be together forever and be free. He would let me cry to him out of love and the true desire I have for him that let me show such raw emotions. He would smile at my soul and plead with me that he loved when I was like this with him, never to stop.

So many more things to my perfect man, this being just a glimpse of how things could be/were. Maybe this is a dream I speak of. A dream that came true, a dream that ended and transformed into the worst nightmare of all. A dream I never wish to wake from, regardless.
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