Vamprissamber (vamprissamber) wrote,

Within Me a Memory

Monster approaches me
Throws my body to the wall.
My knees are weak, but too weak to fall.
Holding my breath, trembling... I wait for the blow.
I never knew what it meant to be so low.

Demons eyes penetrate me, deep within my soul.
The screaming never ceases, now he's on a roll.
Tears me down, makes me want to die.
Never anywhere to run, no where to hide.

Shoves me out of the door.
I didn't know he would come back for more.
Attacked with a brutal force.
The light was off in his mind, no remorse.
Now I feel this pain in my chest.
This one's different, not like the rest.

Free from breath, no more wind.
I slowly start to feel myself descend.
My body's tough, I can take the pain.
The hatred in his eyes is what drives me insane.

Bruises will fade, within me a memory.
Lasting a lifetime with a broken spirit.
I have to attempt to survive.
For one day it's me I have to revive.

Within me a memory
A broken spirit.
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